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 Aliens vs. Predator- War

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PostSubject: Aliens vs. Predator- War   Aliens vs. Predator- War Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2008 12:57 pm

Rules: Control an Alien, a Predator, and a human. This isn't a game where you just pick one. Your are in the shoes of all three.

You cannot kill off another member's creatures, but you can let your own die from another member's attack. This allows you to experiment with the type of Alien, Human, or Predator you like the most. Ex. You want a human-born Alien with a smooth head, but you get tired of it, so you let yours die and create a new one, like a Runner Alien (Alien 3) with a ridged head (like the ones seen in Aliens and AVP-R), which you get by making your facehugger grab a dog or ox in a rough environment such as Fiorina 161 or LV426.

Remember, the Alien takes on the qualities of the host it is born from, so one born from a type of dog or jungle cat would be able to run very fast and be alot more vicious than one born from a human, or one born from a muscular type of animal like an ox would be extremely strong, but not as fast as a human. One born out of a bird might be able to jump a long distance, and one from a bat would have wings and be able to fly.

The environment in which the host spends most of it's time with the Alien inside also effects the appearance. In a very smooth and controled environment such as the interior of a spaceship or pyramid with it's own heat, it will have a smooth head and more fingers, but in a rough, very dynamic place like LV-426 or a city on Earth, it will have the rough head and fewer fingers in order to camoflouge itself better, amongst trees, ferns, Alien nests, and you'll be going in an out of buildings alot as well.

Predaliens and queens are extremely rare. Don't play either of them very often.

Give each of your three creatures a unique characteristic to identify it by, such as a scar along the arm or a jagged tail spike, and give them names that fit these characteristics. Example: Predator's helmet has a chunk missing off the top left corner. Name: Broken Mask

As an Alien, you must always start as a facehugger and grab whatever animal your'e looking to get.

And last but not least: Be creative in one aspect or another, whether it be creature design, weapons, defining characteristics, or anything else.

Also, since Aliens are so dynamic, be sure that the list for your Alien is as follows:

Class: (Here you put what kind of Alien it is, such as a runner or Flying, the type name is whatever it burst out of, such as Human, or Bull. On the right side of the slash, put the Alien's actual position in the nest, be it soldier or queen.)
Appearance: (Here you put whatever characteristics define the basic look of your Alien. See below)
Defining Characteristic: (This is the Atribute that dictates the name of your Alien, as well as your Predator.)
Origin: (This explains what your facehugger will nab whatever creature grants it the qualities and appearance it has, as well as where the host spends most of it's incubation. You tell the story about the facehugger later, but this helps.)

My profile:

Name: Bloodtail
Class: Runner/soldier
Appearance: Rigded head, no spike-like objects on back, three fingers per hand
Defining Characteristic: small scar along tail.
Origin: Facehugger grabbed a dog on LV-426

Name: Melted Tusk
Occupation: Loner
Defining characteristic- Upper right mandible partially melted off from a previous encounter with Aliens.
Weapons: Wristblades, Plasmacaster, Spear, Whip, Shruiken, Wrist Computer, Lazer-Trip Mines, Camoflouge, Various vision-tech, med-kit

Name: Jack
Occupation: Soldier
Weapons: Pulse-Rifle Combo, which includes Machine Gun, Flamethrower, and Grenade Launcher all in one.
Signature line: "Almost makes me nostalgic for (insert location here)."

An Alien Archive will be set up soon for whenever someone comes up with a new type of Alien. Please take note that all Aliens must have the basic appearance of the ones from the Alien Quadrilogy/AVP series, meaning with the color, inner jaw, tail, and the works. The creatures they are born from don't effect the apperance so drastically that one looks like a Little Green Men style guy like the ones seen in SIGNS. They must all have the head shape and over-all look of the ones from these movies, but the skeletal and muscular structures can be tweaked to look a little different.
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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator- War   Aliens vs. Predator- War Icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2008 6:33 pm


Coming slowly...

Compatable, two of them well beyond standards for his purpose, another one that just barely qualified, but would reep more benefits if he could get it.

They were so near... so close...

He started to rouse himself from stasis...

They were moving slowly, curious, and with interest....

The smaller creature sniffed at him, perhaps wondering what he was, and barked...

One of the bigger ones placed a hand over him, tapped the egg he was in, releasing the pressure lock his enemies had placed on it, which had prevented him from getting out...


The time was coming...

He would return....

The egg opened....

...and he would free the rest....

One of the larger creatures peered inside...

....and they would once again be able to spread throughout the galaxy....

The smaller creature, perhaps their pet, stuffed it's nose inside the egg.

He uncurled and lashed out at it...

The dog jumped back...

But it was too late...

It was now in a coma....

The two larger things, humans, they looked like, tryed to pull him away from his host. He only held on tighter. Then they knew he wouldn't come off until he was ready, or only when they were ready to kill their pet.

Melted Tusk, in a seperate corner of the universe, waited for a call he knew was coming. He didn't have to wait long, the alarms went off, and he pressed the glowing red button on his chair. A transmission, typed in his language, appeared in the holo-vid in front of him. He read it, then got out of his chair and gathered his weapons. He wouldn't be going in alone, but that was no reason to pack lightly. He finished packing, then headed off to the capsul. It launched, sending him and his companions to LV-426....

Jack was at the military base on Earth, in the US, going home... He missed his family so much. He had been gone for a full year. He had no idea that in the next twelve ours, his driver would take a U-turn and head back.

The facehugger had long since crawled off on it's own and died. The dog seemed to be fine at furst, but it's owners were seeing some unusual behavior. Golden retrievers were normally in a much better mood than he was. As soon as he had returned from the vet's office and got back home, he seemed... depressed, or in pain. The kids tried to play with him, but he was just lying down in a corner, and starting to look more than just a little bloated. Suddenly he convulsed, whimpered, and started to split open. The family rushed to help him, but he just... exploded. Blood and gore, guts spattered all over the kitchen, getting all over the mom, the dad, and the two kids. Then something moved among the carnage. It had arms with claws, and feet, and already and inner-jaw, not like it's human-born bretheren. Those would have to grow them as they got older. And it was hungry. By the time the neighbors entered the apartment, Bloodtail was already in the airducts with one of the dead children, leaving behind a gory mess.
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Posts : 671
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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator- War   Aliens vs. Predator- War Icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2008 6:57 pm

Bloodtail grew quickly. In a few hours, he was ready to face the fierce wind of the outside world, and he was an adult. He made his way outside, where he found a couple of humans, male and female, holding hands. He kept his distance from them. He needed them alive. He made a fast motion that one of the humans would be able to see, then darted behind a rock. Curious, the human followed him, bringing the girl with him. He maintained a good deal of distance between them, waited until they were rounding the corner of the rock, then disappeared, continuing this pattern, making sure the humans could just barely make out his shape in the wind right before he dissapeared behind the next rock. They would follow in their blind curiosity, having know idea what he was, and eventually they could see the crashed ship that stored the Alien eggs that no surviving human knew about... Soon, they were inside. Bloodtail kept ahead of them, making sure they followed him, still only getting a glimpse of him before he moved away. When they were approaching the egg chamber, Bloodtail ran ahead, tapping the pressure-locks on the eggs he passed as he had seen the family do when they released him. He was on the other side of the room when the humans came down into it. Soon, they were close enough to the eggs. Two eggs opened: one, a soldier facehugger, the other a queen, identified by the facehugger's black skin and larger size. The queen facehugger jumped on the girl, successfully catching her and begginning the embryotic process. The soldier attacked the male, just as easily doing the same. In a few hours, A new nest would begin construction.

(Predator and Human activity coming)
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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator- War   Aliens vs. Predator- War Icon_minitime

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Aliens vs. Predator- War
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