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 Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre

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PostSubject: Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre   Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre Icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2007 7:33 pm



The child ran through the forest, terrified by what he had just seen. His family. Mom, Dad, sister, and baby brother, all dead! Blood everyhere! His own house! His own freakin' house! He tripped and fell on his hands as he heard something in the bushes behind him. The thing was still after him! No time to think about what happened. Just get away. Heart pounding, no wind, completley silent except his own running and panting. had to stop, couldn't stop. Didn't know where he was! Deeper in the forest than he had ever been.
He reached a large clearing several meters in diameter. He paused to catch his breath, hoping what whatever was behind him had given up. He was only ten years old! He shouldn't have to go through this! Was it still out there?
*Snap* The sound broke his thoughts. He wheeled around back to face the direction from which he had just come. Nothing. He was scared, afraid. But he didn't know where to go, or what direction to run.
*Rustle rustle rustle* It was moving. Changing position. Their wasn't a star or moon in sight. He couldn't see the bushes shaking, or the branches of the trees moving. He couldn't figure out where it was coming from.
The clouds parted, revealing the bright, full moon. The light shone on a face in the bushes. A horrible face, black with no eyes, covered in slime. A horrible, rough and ribbed head that stretched back at least two feet, maybe three. It hissed. It snarled. It lunged. The boy screamed.

In a blur of ebony and slime, and in the spatter of blood against the grass and leaves, ended the life of that boy.

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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre   Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2008 10:19 am

Chapter 1
3 Days Ago

The Predator Ship circled the Earth, looking at Gunnison from their telescopes, searching for any sign of the Predator they had sent down to clean out the Aliens. To their astonishment, Gunnison was blown off the map, and any sign of Predator technology with it. Their was no question that the wolf they had sent down was dead.

Then the alarms sounded. The bad alarms. These meant that Aliens had escaped Gunnison before it was destroyed. They were spreading through Colorado, all headed in different directions. Their wer large numbers headed in every direction.

Vessels were prepared. A total of 21 Predators would be going on this mission, three per group of Aliens. Right now, they were all getting ready for the mission. They checked their weapons, making sure they wouldn't malfunction, and each took a vessel to launch in. In their cryptic language, the countdown began. 5...4...3...2...1... launch.

They remained undetected as they fell into seperate areas of Colorado. It was night. Here we follow a group of three as they battle the Aliens for the final battle on Earth.

Yutja was the best hunter out of the three. He set out immediatly to find some food while his friends set up camp. His mask was simlar to the one the Celtic Predator wore back when the pyramid in Antartica was still there (Celtic Predator was second to die).
Sehtji was the most familiar with Earth and it's technology, as well as environments. He found the best place to set up camp, a clearing in the middle of the forest, while they waited for the Aliens that were heading in their direction. His armor was of a unique design, bronze. It had many special techniques, and it was the first of it's make.
Jiugar was their strongest and best warrior. He was not only physically the strongest, but his weapons were in the best shape and he was quick on his feet, had split-second reaction time, was the most inventive of the three, and was able to predict the moves of his enemies.

Yutja returned with a deer, already skinned and dryed, at around midnight. They started to prepare it in their own Predator-fashion, when Jiugar felt his danger-sense go off. He leapt to his feet and wheeled around, arming his plasma-caster. The others followed suit, and they split up to circle the camp. The aliens wouldn't just be coming from one direction. As soon as they detected the Predators, they would circle around and close in from all sides. The atmosphere tensed when they couldn't find anything...

Sehtji's adrenaline was pumping hard. This was what he liked. An unseen enemy. He sensed movement in the branches directly above him. He looked up, too late. The Alien fell down upon him too quickly to react. He let out a yelp of astonishment as he was pinned to the ground with the Alien on top of him, clawing and biting at his flesh. He wrestled the Aliens grip, managed to lift him a little, then flip-kicked the Alien in the crotch, sending him careeing into the campfire. The Alien shrieked and dashed out of the fire, running back towards Sehtji. But Sehtji was ready with his spear. He thrust it through the Alien's chest, greatful that most of their weapons were acid-proof.
The other Aliens, hearing the ruckus, launched their own attacks. Soon each Predator was fighting five-to-one, all of them too close for Plasmacasters. They had no choice but to pick them off with Wrist-blades, spears, and whatever else they could grab for before the Aliens batted them away or lashed out. Shadows were dashing through camp. The Aliens began moving away . Jiugar threw down the last attacking Alien from his back next to the camp-fire and thrust his spear through it's brain. It stopped moving in a few seconds, and died.
They understood the Aliens' tactic: have some Aliens distract the Predators while the main group moved past them and continued to the nearest town, which was still miles from here. Still, they had no time to loose. They ate only as much as they needed to, packed up the camp, and in an hour, were off to pursue the Aliens.
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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre   Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 9:34 am

Life in the Games

Ian was never the type for spicy food. His tounge was dead; he couldn't stand even the mild spices. The most he could take was salt and the slightest hint of pepper. That was it. Consequently, he hadn't touched the egg on his plate, because there was way too much pepper on it. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" He lived alone in a two story house, so he had only his cat to blame. His cat had been chasing a mouse at the time, and as it rushed by on top of the counter Ian was putting his plate right newt to his path of travel, and the pepper was in the way. The cat, going to quickly and having too much fun to stop, knock the pepper over, and since it was in a small jar (the shaker was broken from an earlier mouse-chase), it ended up all over his breakfast. Ian cursed under his breath. It was too close to 8:00 am to worry about a good breakfast now. He threw his food into the compoast bucket and grabbed a couple of different cereal bars fom the drawer. He'd eat on the go. He got into the car, started it up, and was off. he opened one cereal bar, this one being a simple cheereos, and stuck it in his mouth, eating like a horse would, using his lips and jaw together to bring it in with each bite. He looked in the review mirror. Somehow, he reminded himself of one of those short guys in the big fur jackets with a bowler hat and a cigar in his mouth. He looked nothing like one, save for the cereal bar. He laughed.
His job was working as a computer graphics enginere for video games on the PSP. He had revolutionized the quality of graphics, and urged the company to spend more time on their games. This drove their ratings up through the roof, because their PSP games were as good, if not beter, than their home console counterparts. He spent months experimenting with titles like Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Star Wars Battlefront II, and the recently released Godzilla: Unleashed PSP titles, making his own purchased copies a decided graphical improvement even over the Wii, PS2, XBox, whatever other stations they played on. Godzilla Unleashed was his favorite of course, he had been a fan of the series since he was a kid. Made finding girls harder, but it payed off.
He worked for Lucas Arts. The company had recently set up a base in his town, so he filled out an application immediatly. It was a job that he and the other employees had fun with, instantly becoming friends and coming up with the best jokes as they worked. It didn't stop them from being ahead of schedule, though.
He arrived at Lucas Arts, or LA, as they jokingly referred to it, and got out of the car. As he stepped up onto the side walk, something strange caught his eye. He picked it up out of the gutter. It looked like some sort of odd snake skin. He carried it into the office. As he met up with his friends, he showed them the skin. "Hey guys?" he asked. "What kind of serpent do you think shed this?"
Marty, who they nicknamed Black Eyed Pea because he always had dark circles painted around his eyes and was bald as a pea, spoke first. "Looks like your face."
"Very funny, but you should know, if I ever saw the creature that shed it, it would probably look just like you."
"Come on, you gotta have a better come-back than that,"
"Yeah and I thought you'd have a more original joke than 'looks like your face',"
"Come on, now, get to work," this from Nelani, one of the only people who had ever designed a perfect CG game model for a wookie. Her nickname was Chiibecca for it.
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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre   Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 5:03 pm

First Strikes

The one thing noone liked about the job was the lunch. Only people who could eat quickly could take advantage of the short hours and go out to eat at some resturant. Everyone else simply had to eat what food the cafeteria provided for them, or brought their own lunch. Thing was, nobody knew what the cafeteria served. The menu would be up on the board near the end of the line, but the food itself was literally unrecognisable. Some of it was good, some of it wasn't, but noone wanted to know where it came from, let alone what part of any animal it was or might haved been. For this reason, most people brought their lunches, and those who didn't were content not to wonder.
"Hey, Ian," started Marty. "Maybe that skin you found earlyer would have made this food taste a little better."
"That actually might be the skin," joked Ian. He had tossed it in the dumpster hours ago, right before he started working, in fact. A crazy rumor had been spread when the place started up that some of the bad food they were served came from the dumpsters. "If it even was a skin."
Nelani wasn't amused. She never was. She was one of the few people who grew out of High-School level joke in this town. "Let's just eat and get back to work okay?"
"Can't you lighten up every now and then, Chiibecca?" asked Marty. Nelani nearly shoved him off the seat. Nobody knew why she was always in such a bad mood, and since she was, why she ever worked here. Escapism, perhaps. What ever was really bugging her, it had to be at home. "Oh, hey, Bret!" Marty called as his best friend walked by. "I have that circuit board you asked me to fix up. It's sitting in the back of my pickup. You can go out and get it if you want. Don't worry, it's in a good box."
"Thanks!" said Bret. His home computer had been busted for about a week. When he called the tech support, the lady he got was hard to understand, and they didn't do house-visits. "I owe you big time for that." He ran off to the back parking lot.
"Just have fun with that Lord of the Rings game you got for Christmas," said Marty when he was out of earshot.

Bret ran down the dark hallway. Their were no windows, no lights, and nearly pitch-black. Some people's imagination still got the best of them, and they never went down this hallway. Bret did. He loved feeling fear. It fueled his imagination, which helped with his job, seeing as he was the leading story-board writer. Besides, it was only a short passage. A little dark never hurt anybody.
Bret looked down. He felt the ground, expecting to find water from a bursted pipe or something. It was sticky, like someone had a big sneeze and blew mucus all over the place. "Eeeewgh!"
Bret didn't turn around. He wanted too, for that hiss had come from behind him, but he was too scared. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. He couldn't breath. Whatever was behind was big, and it certaintly wasn't human. Then, steps. Something was coming up behind him. He forced himself to turn.
He shouted a curse at the top of his lungs as he saw.... STUPID! The "thing" walking up to him was a woman, a woman known for her practical jokes. And this was the biggest, most obvious one ever! "Jane! You ****in' scared me!"
"Ditto," Jane said. "I thought you did all this when I saw you here."
"What do you mean, 'all this'? I didn't do any thing, and all I see is a big pile of mucus on the floor. What do you mean?"
"Their is some sort of, I don't know, resin, or something on the walls and cieling in one of the unused hallways back there aways," she said. "If your'e not behind this, then who is?"
"Don't play dumb with me! I know you did this."
That time, they both jumped.
To Bret's left, was a large, tanish-white, creature, covered in slime. They didn't know it, but it was an Alien, still maturing. It hadn't shed many layers of skin, so it was still a light-skin color. It was certaintly big as one, though. It grabbed Bret and jabbed through hs skull with it's inner jaw. It would feast on him later. It turned to Jane. She was shaking and pale now, but unable to scream. It's tail was between her legs. It had her cornered. She screamed.

Noone was able to hear her as they took their last bites of lunch and headed back to work.
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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre   Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2008 8:14 am

The Hunt Begins

Yutja, Sehtji, and Juigar were in three seperate corners of an intersection, on the roofs of seperate buildings, observing the human life below for any signs of inpregnation. Their Alien Specific visions allowed them to see any signs of Alien life, even if it grew inside a person.

They found one. A very muscular, pro-wrestler looking guy in a big eighteen-wheeler. Juigar had this one. He went into stealth mode and leapt down from the building into that lane of traffic, right behind him. luckily, the light had turned red, and their was a car behind him, with characters that as they had observed, looked like the shaky, jerky, scared-someone-would-find-out-what-theye'd-done look to them. They had guns. Juigar leapt behind that car, put one hand on the under-side of it, and pushed with the other. It made it seem like the car was speeding up. Then, he lifted the car with both hands as he ran forward and jabbed it clear through the empty cargo-container clear to the actual car of the eighteen wheeler, leaving a big dent in it postioned perfectly with the driver's neck. Juigar then jabbed through that dent with his maul, cutting clean through the host's neck. He opened the car door, and jabbed the person's chest as well, killing the Alien inside. Juigar made a drilling motion with his blade, making it look more like he was puctured than stabbed, grabbed the Alien and pulled it out of the chest, and got out of their. The crowd was starting to build. He found his way carefully back to the others, and decided that they would have to begin searching out the nests.

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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre   Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre Icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2008 5:13 pm

Cause for Investigation

Ian walked into that pitch-black, dark hallway. It was well past closing, but when Bret and Jane hadn't turned up, he and his friends volunteered to search for them. It was about 9:00. They had been searching for 5 hours, since they noticed that the two were missing. At first, they thought the two had just found a room. When they couldn't find them anywhere, Ian suggested they double their search. Noone had thought about going down the dark hallway. Ian knew it was just a hallway, so he decided to search here.
He stepped in something sticky. He knelt down to see what it was. Before he could touch it, however, he heard someone coming up behind him. He turned around to see who it was.
"Hey Ian!" the newcomer called. He held a flashlight which he pointed up so that Ian could see his face. It was Peter Burke Jamenson, otherwise willingly called PBJ. "You shouldn't be wondering around without a flashlight. It's dark everywhere, but not as dark as this hallway."
"It's just a hallway without windows," Ian insisted. "Their isn't anything special about it."
"Yeah, but a little light would stop your imagination from getting the best of ya'. WOAH!" This as he looked down the hall to his right.
"What is it?" asked Ian.
"Man, you gotta come look, I wouldn't know what to call it!"
Ian came up and looked down. "AAGH!"
The hallway was covered in resin.
"Oh man, what do we do?" asked PBJ. "What is all that?"
"I don't know," said Ian. "Think it has something to do with Bret and Jane's disapearances?"
"If a...a mold...can do that."
A shadow, or something, had just dashed across the hallway, so quickly that after these initial reactions, Ian wondered if they had even seen it.
PBJ was scared out of his wits. "Let's just get out of here, man, let's just go now and call whoever would know how to take care of this!"
They heard a groan in the pitchblack hallway. Ian spun and grabbed PBJ's flashlight, shining it down the hall. They found a girl, Jane, covered in what appeared to be a slime of some sort. She was ghostly pale and didn't seem to have a clue about what was going on, and scared beyond her wildest nightmares.
"Where have you been?" asked Ian.
"I don't.... remember...." she replied.
"How can you not remember?" asked PBJ. "We've been looking for you for over four hours now! You could at least give us an explination!"
"I...I fainted, or something, I think. I don't know why. I, Iv'e been asleep all this time. I don't remember a thing. I woke up and I was covered in this slime, and my stuff was scattered around me, like my iPod. I can't even use the stupid thing anymore. It was crushed. And my pantleg has a whole in it, like it had been ripped."
"Where's Bret?" asked Ian.
This had a strange effect on her. She flinched, and her eyes diolated, like she had just had a memory flash. "Bret?" she asked in a whisper. "I... I don't know. Last I saw him, he was right here... and then... and then... WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER?!"
"Alright, I'm convinced." said Ian. "Let's just get her back to the office, get her some coffee, and continue the search."
"Is their anything else you do remember?" asked PBJ.
"Only a... dream... at least I think it was a dream. Something strange, not human, was in it. Bret was in it, too, in the dream, but I can't remember what happened to him, or me. It was bad."
Then all three of them just stood their, staring at each other, all three of them frightened. They couldn't stand this any longer. They ran for the office. Before they reached the door leaving the hallway, Ian swore he heard somehting lurking behind them, hissing. Once they were through the door, without even looking back, he slammed the door shut and locked it, then kept running with the others.
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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre   Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre Icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2008 6:23 pm

10:00 PM
The Next Day

Predators had a much keener sence of smell than humans. Which is why they were highly disiplined in the respect of keeping their hands away from their noses in smelly environments like the sewers. They picked up the smell a hundred times worse than humans did, and it was a struggle for any of this team to keep their hands away from their faces. If an Alien were to jump out of the darkness, they wouldn't be able to fight back in time.
Juigar picked something up on his motion tracker. Five aliens, down the next right turn. Not five, seven.
Juigar ran down to the turn and threw his shruiken down it. The shruiken was spinning towards what appeared to be darkness until he used his Alien-specific vision and saw that it was, indeed, about to hit an Alien. It created a gash across it's neck, killing it. The other Predators came up behind Juigar and fired their plasma-casters, killing two other Aliens. But the other ones were no where in sight, and they couldn't pick them up on their motion trackers. Sehtji growled in such a way that it gave the impression of a laugh. Yutja simply backed up and cycled through his visions in hopes of spotting them. Foolishly, they hadn't realized that they were still standing on the sidewalk areas, and that the sewage water was right in front of them.
An Alien leapt out of the water in front of Yutja, knocking the predator against the wall. Sehtji activated his flamethrower, an exclusive weapon to the brown armor, and the Alien dropped off. It wasn't on fire, because it was wet, but fire could make any alien back off. Sehtji then used another exlusve weapon, an acid-proof grapple hook, that had four prongs. He fired it at the Alien, and it pierced it's chest, and a click informed them that the action-prongs and folded and caught hold of the Alien. Sehtji yanked on the line, pulling the alien closer, and drove it's wristblade into the head.
Then the other three Aliens jumped out of the water. Sehtji, however, was focusing in removing the grapple. Alien pinned him against the wall and would have killed him had Juigar not thrown his shruiken again, severing the Alien's tail. Another Alien gabbed Yutja and pulled him underwater, and there was much thrashing to follow. Meanwhile, Juigar had his own problem. This Alien had more experience fighting than the others. It ducked and dogded the Predator's strikes, and used it's tail to trip Juigar off his feet, and leapt on to him. Juigar was ready with his knife, grabbing it from his belt and jabbing it into the Alien's waist, kicking the thing off in a hurry to minimize the acid damage. It fell back in the water with the knife in it.
Sehtji, meanwhile, was having alot of trouble. The Alien had already broken his wristblades with a sidelong blow from it's inner jaw. It then brought it's open tail around against the Predator's stomach, causing Sehtji to yell, then the alien scratched deep marks into his mask, wiping out any visions the Predator could use aside from his own. Sehtji opened his maul and jabbed it into the Alien, starting through the waist and jutting out high through the back. The thing died.
Yutja was thrust out of the water by his alien and pinned against the wall. He had now lost every weapon, for everything he had grabbed for was torn away and dropped into the deeper waters. Before either of his friends could help him, the Alien killed Yutja by biting through his neck. Juigar killed it with his plasma-caster.
Juigar's alien, however, remained undetected. Fortunatly, the nest was small due to the lack of a queen or other kind of leader and the low number of aliens. They placed a few mines throughout the nest when they found it, and climed up a latter into the city above them before detonating them. Their was no time to rest. The other Aliens were obviously scattered in small groups throughout the city to create as many hosts as they could. It's a wonder the humans weren't aware of them yet.

The alien Juigar had fought made his own way through the sewers and came out through a manhole in a suburb area, right in front of a home with the lights out. It turned and headed towards it, careful not to attract attention.
A little boy in that house was sneaking through the hallways to get a midnight snack from the kitchen. He climbed up ontop of the counter and grabbed the cookie jar, making sure to make no noise, and opened it. He grabbed a few cookies, and ate each one in a single bite. He then quietly put the jar back in it's place.
He heard a bang on the door and jumped. He ran to the stairs to his room, half scared of an intruder, half scared that his parents would wake up and wonder why their kid was in the kitchen. Once up the flight of stairs, he paused. Another bang. His parents were now coming out ot their room, he could see their shadows in the streetlights that were showing through a nearby transparent door that led to the backyard. His dad came into view first, and this time instead of a bang, their was a loud crack! And a hole appeared in the door. His dad paused, and his mom came up behind him.
Someone whispered behind the boy. "What's going on?" It was his little sister.
"I don't know!"
"I'm scared. Do you think whoever is out their will kill us?"
"Dad will handle him, just watch."
Thier dad opened the door very cautiously. Nothing was in sight.
"Stupid kids across the street," they heard their dad say. "They think it's good ol' fun 'n games to wake people up and vandalize their property."
The mom saw the kids looking through the railing on the stairs. "It's okay, kids, there's nothing out there," she turned on a few lights to prove it. She started towards the stairs to comfort them, and happened to glance out the transparent doors. She saw something moving out their, and whatever it was didn't seem to be anything like a squirrel or a rat. It was way too big...
The father noticed the activity as well, and went into the computer room to find a flashlight. He came out and pointed it out the door.
The Alien hissed, broke the glass door and lunged. The dad was able to get out of the way, and everyone ran for the boy's room, the Alien following. The father turned and locked the door as soon as everyone was inside, and they all huddled in a corner.
The Alien's inner jaw punched clear through the door, and the thing started to claw away at it through the hole. Once it had a big enough hole to get it's hands through, he reached through to the inside and pulled. The door was broken off it's hinges and tossed aside through the hallway.
The dad noticed a knife in the Alien's waist. The Alien lunged on him, and he grabbed at the knife as he fell back. He pulled it free, only to have acid fall on his hand. He screamed in agony, but jabbed it back in the hole, deeper this time. The Alien screeched, forced the knife out of it's waist and out of the man's hand, and bared it's inner jaw down on the man, killing him. It turned it's attention back on the rest of the family. This time, it pulled the daughter free of her mother's grip and killed her as well. The mother screamed and puched at the Alien. A useless gester, but it saved the boy. The alien badly injured her with it's tail and claws, leaving her alive for hosting later. It was now very well known by all the Aliens that a queen was growing in a host now, and more hosts were being prepared for the eggs she would lay.
The boy opened the window of his room and jumped onto the angled sub-roof barely three feet below him, then scrambled down it and took his chances in dropping down the the ground. It wasn't as hard a landing as he thought it would be, so he was able to gather himself up and run for the woods behind his house. The Alien was in pursuit, catching up to the boy, who had stopped in a large clearing to catch his breath. The Alien broke a twig to make the boy alert, to play with him, an circled around through the bushes.
In a blur of ebony, and the spray of blood, ended the life of that boy. Clocks all over the city tolled midnight as he took his last breath and the light vanished from his eyes...
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PostSubject: Re: Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre   Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2008 11:24 am


Jane thumbed through the pages of a book as she listened to her psycologist. How did I end up here? she asked herself. She had been talking about her nightmare to her friends, trying to find someone who would understand. Noone could. Some hairbrain had called up a psycologist for her, and now she was attending her first session.
After they found her in the dark hallway and Bret was still missing, they had to cal in some detectives, who then brought in some scientists. Eventually the word got out and quarintine was enforced on the building while a more professional search team looked for Bret. Then the power went off and the person who had been sent to fix it never came back. They scanned the employees for anything unusual, but nothing came up in Jane. So she was allowed to leave and she told her friends about what she had dreamed about. And here she was.
"Uuuugh, could you turn the temperature down a little more?" she asked.
"We've already turned it down to fifty degrees. I'm suprised you aren't asking for a coat. If you aren't cold by now, then youv'e come to the wrong doctor."
She sighed. Of course. The doctors around here never knew what they were doing, no matter what field they were in.
Something inside her moved. She clutched at her chest. It was pushing against her, trying to break the bones and skin, whatever it was.
"AAAAGH!" She dropped the book. Suddenly, she couldn't here, and she couldn't taked in anything she was seeing. All she could feel was pain.
She started convulsing.
"Call an ambulance!!!" the psyciatrist screamed. He tryed to hold her down, to stop her from hurting herself or breaking something.
Her screaming was becoming louder, more agonizing. She knocked over a glass of water sitting on the table next to her.
She kicked the man, who fell back into his chair, flipping it over onto it's back.
Her shrill scream filled the entire building, and people started rushing in to see what was happening.
They could hear something pushing against her from the inside. Her bones were ginving off a sickening crack as they broke.
Her chest bulged and jerked her up for a second. Their was blood everywhere, on her shirt, splattering on people's faces, all over the chair she was in, a few drops here and their on the bookshelf.
She lay still for a moment.
Then she started convulsing again, screaming even louder.
Everyone tryed to hold her down again, even thoug it was obvious that she wasn't the problem.
Her chest bulged again, and this time, ripped open, revealing a strange monstrosity. Blood covered it, as well as everyone standing close by.
The thing let out a scream, looked curiosly at all the bystanders, and slithered away before anyone could recover from their shock, searching for the air ducts.

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The Call

Ian and Marty were waiting at Ian's house. They didn't know what they were waiting for, but they knew something bad was going on. It was noon. Their was strange activity going on around the house. Ian first detected it when he was outside earlier in the morning, before his friend Marty had come over with news that Jane was dead and the cause of her death was being covered up. He was walking around in his back yard when he saw a strange bit of slime on his porch. He cleaned it up and dismissed it as something the cat was responsible for, having either spilled it from something or having some kind of indigestion. Then he happened to look out at the bushes and forestry behind his house. Some of the lower branches were bobbing up and down violently, but their was no wind, nor did their appear to be anything heavy on them. And then there was that sound... like a strange sort of growl. Next was a heavy thud right next to him, although their was nothing there when he looked, and he saw the pile of slime vaporize. Next he had heard something leaping over the fence and heading into the forest, where the branches were still bobbing up and down. But even stranger than all this, was that though he swore he had only imagined it, he saw a sort of transparent shape moving around as all this happened.
So now they waited... for an event, a sight, a sound, a sign, anything that suggested that normal life would continue.
"What are we waiting here for?" asked Marty. "I'm tired of waiting. Let's do something, like watch a movie or play a video game."
"We are doing something," was Ian's reply.
"Yeah? What?"
"We are being depressed."
"Oh, yeah, being depressed. Really exciting."
"Well, that's what you do when you find out one of your best friends has died."
"Ok, so depression, and... drinking our lives away?"
"Yes. That's what you do when things are just really starting to get bad."
"Using Dr. Pepper?" asked Marty, thrusting his soda in front of his friend's face.
"Yes. That's what you do when you find out one of your best friends is dead, things are really getting bad or unusual, work is quarintined, and your face says your 15 instead of 20 some-odd. The guy behind the counter wouldn't even let me show him my ID," replied Ian, taking a sip at his fourth Coca Cola of the day.
Marty let out a very long sigh. "I'm tired of just twiddlin' my thumbs waiting for something to happen. Whatever's going on, I want to get to the bottom of it."

Then the sirens could be heard. Police sirens. Ian and Marty rushed out the front door to see was was going on. The police cars rounded the cornere very quickly and dangerously, bumped some poor guy's old camero, and sped right on up the street. The car kept going, not slowing down, speeding right off the curved end of the street and into the grass between Ian's house and the one on the other end of the curve. Ian and Marty stood where they were in shocked silence, until Marty let out a curse word. then they ran over to the police car, out of which a man they knew very well as Officer Joe was stepping out, his eyes watering. He ran for the house on the other end of the curve. Joe's brother lived their. Whatever was going on, it definetly couldn't be good. The other police cars pulled over to the sides of the street, and their drivers and drivers' partners stepped out. Joe kicked open the door, and rushed through.
Before any cops could get in their way, Ian and Marty ran through the door and found Joe standing in shocked silence. The patio door was shattered, glass was everywhere, and part of the front door was already punched out. Joe ran through the house, calling for his brother, his brother's wife, the kids, any one. The three ran upstairs, found the boy's bedroom, and found a horrid scene awaiting them. The door had a large hole in it, had been ripped of it's hinges, and thrown down the hall. A pair of mauled and half-missing bodies, one large, presumably Joe's brother, and another one small and feminine, probably their little girl, were lying sprawled on the floor. Blood was everywhere, but the mother and son were missing from the scene.
Three other cops stormed into the room, surveyed the scene, and apologized to a sobbing Joe for his loss. Then their was a sudden gust through the open window and a loud thud. Standing their was a transparent figure. The three cops pulled out their guns and opened fire. Their was an unearthly shout, then the crackle of electricity around the figure. A Predator stood before them, ready to fight. The police continued firing, and Joe joined them, but the predator was able to take it. It aimed it's shoulder cannon and fired on the cop behind Joe's left, blowing his head off. It leapt over the bed and drove it's wrist blades into the one on his right. Then Joe got in a shot to the creatures neck, and it fled to treat it's injuries.
"Call in back up! and summon up a search party to recon the immediate area for my sister-in-law and her son!" said Joe into his comm.

Elsewhere, in an old and abandoned store, sat a half-grown alien, some what different than the others. It let out a screech that could only be heard by other aliens, and everywhere throughout the city her soldiers turned and hurried to create their new, permanent nest and serve their new queen.
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Carnage in the Forest

Joe had forbidden Ian and Marty from joining his back up force in pursuing the Predator. He left a couple of cops with them to make sure they stayed in Ian's house. Now Joe was leading a police search party to find his ex-sister-in-law and nephew. He was convinced that whatever it was they had seen in their house was responsible for the deaths of his brother and niece, and possibly for the dissapearances of the others. He took note that the monster took a bullet and bled a neon glowing green color, and they found a trail of it not to far away from the house. They pursued it at top speed, but it was nightfall before they found anything.
They were on the egde of the clearing where his nephew had died, though any sign of the boy was already dissolved away by the Predators' vials blue liquid. Before they entered the clearing, a drop of the Predator blood fell on Joe's jacket. He looked up, and saw Sehtji treating Juigar's injuries. Little did the police know that Juigar's wounds were recovering in mere seconds with the treatment givin to him. The predators spotted the humans and immediatly went into camoflouge mode. The branches they were on bobbed up and down as they jumped, and so did the ones they landed on. A spear from Sehtji came down at a sharp angle into one man's chest and a blue bolt from Juigar's plasmacaster destroyed another.
The cops opened fire with their pistols, but the Predators were faster this time. They dropped down from the trees and landed with heavy thuds down on the ground. Both started picking off cops with thier wristblades and shruiken. Soon their were only four cops left, Joe among them. One of the police started to run away, but Juigar threw his shruiken again and pinned him against a tree. Sehtji jabbed his recovered sear into another and threw him out into the clearing, then drove his wrist blades into Joe's waist. The last one tryed to run, but Juigar was already ahead of him. The cop ran right into his wristbades.
Joe, lying on the ground, was still alive. Sehtji was about to deliver one final strike, but Joe, who had not fired a single shot all this time, unloaded all his bullets into Sehtji. Sehtji collapsed, paralysed and dying. Joe picked himself up. Miraculously, he was still able to walk and run, albiet with a bad limp. Juigar was already coming straight for him. Joe, thinking quickly, threw himself on the ground again and picked up a large, powerful shotgun from one of his fallen friends. He fired, and the bullet buried itself it Juigar's left shoulder. Juigar staggered and tripped, falling forward. This bought Joe the time he needed to get out of their and find his way back to the suburbs.
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Aliens vs. Predator: Massacre
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