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 Lord of the Rings RPG

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PostSubject: Lord of the Rings RPG   Sun Jan 13, 2008 3:33 pm

Rules: Be any creature in the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit series, journey anywhere in Middle Earth, do anything, and above all, fight!

Limit the cursing.

Don't kill off other members' characters. If the character dies from your strike, it's respective member will say so and edit his profile.

Keep characters, creatures, and technology from outside Tolkien's world out of this.

Choose your weapons, be it sword, axe, whatever, and give your main weopon a name, like how Frodo's sword is Sting and Gandalf's is Glamdring, and Aragorn's sword in Return of the King is Anduril (reforged from the shards of Narzil).


Name: Theo (They-o)
Race: Human
Country of Origin: Gondor
Occupation: Wanderer
Main Weapon: Glaidrah (Sword)
Other Weapons: Bow and Arrows, shield.


Born in the white and fair city of Minas Tirith, the capital of Gondor, Theo was restless and inquistive. He disliked the corruption and lack of action in many aspects the Steward, Denethor, failed to address, and took note that the clouds were gathering above Mordor and it seemed like volcanic activity in that country was increasing. He had a close relationship with his parents, and his father taught him to create his own weapons. His father was sent on a scouting mission in which he was killed by orcs. Being the youngest of three sons, Theo was left without any heritage and left home after saying goodbye to his family in a tearful parting with little money. He visited the forges of a nearby town and payed them so he could craft his own sword, which he named Glaidrah. He purchased two throwing axes and made his own bow and arrows. He now approaches Weathertop from the south, currently leaving the South Downs and preparing to cross the lands between.
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PostSubject: Re: Lord of the Rings RPG   Thu Jan 17, 2008 4:58 pm

Theyo was releaved to be out of the South Downs and into open plains again. The South Downs were a range of hills inhabited by a strange face of once-men known as the Barrow-Downs, who used foul magic to block victims' sites and knock them unconcious, then apparently took them to their layers and subjected them to ritualistic deaths and devouring. Or so the accounts of the few survivers said.

Theyo rested at the foot of those hills that night, then continued his journey to Weathertop the next day, taking time to hunt first. It was four days at the least to his destination, but since he had no real purpose in his journey, he took it slowly.

Five days later, at sunset, he could see the place in the distance. It was an old ruin, a place that little did he suspect, would many years later be the stage of a ring-bearer's near fall into darkness by the blade of a Nazgul.

He continued on his journey, reaching the ruin in the darkness. He camped in an outlook spot, a sort of cliff just below the wall of the structure, which curved greatly outward just over his head. It was an exellent place to see from. He dug a small whole and filled it with twigs, which he lit on fire to cook a rabbit he had killed earlier in the day. Once it was ready, he cut it up, wrapped some of it in a cloth for storage and kept the other half for eating now. As he sat enjoying his meal, he gazed out across the plains, back the way he'd come. Then something caught his eye. It was close to the foot of the hill, and moving closer. Not it... they. Several black, cloaked figures were closing in on his postion.

Ringwraiths! was his first and only thought when he saw this. He counted them. Their were four. Idiot!!! he realized. My fire brought them here! He put out his fire and headed into the structure, drawing his sword, Glaidrah. He found himself still outdoors, surrounded by large pillars and statues. He glanced around for several long minutes, watching for anything strange, and put up his hood to hide his face. Then, out of the shadows, the four figures came, from four differet directions, closing in from all sides. Three of them stopped, one of them advanced, drawing his sword.

"Back!" Theyo called. "Stay back!" He lashed out with Glaidrah. The figure parryed, and Theyo launched a whole sequence of strikes, all of which were blocked. The figure struck back, forcing Glaidrah from Theyo's hand, falling many feet from him. The figure then lashed at Theyo's legs. Theyo jumped over it, but was hardly able to keep his footing when he landed, as a sudden gust of wind pushed him back just as his feet touched the ground. Theyo spun onto his chest and grabbed his sword, then jabbed at the enemy, who parryed in response. Theyo leapt to his feet in a spinning slash, a move he had made up on his own, which actually forced the figure to drop his sword and cut it's black robes. The figure's hood fell, revealing not some ghastly creature terrifying beyond imagination, as the few who had seen the faces of the Nazgul described, but the face of a man. The rest of the robe fell away to reveal the outfit of a traveling swordsman, much like Theyo, and very human hands and arms.

Theyo swore under his breath. These weren't nazgul, they were humans!

The man he had fought sheathed his sword. "You have much skill with a blade," he said. "Not many can even touch the outer robes we wear when testing their skills. You have passed our trial. Remove your hood."

Theyo obeyed. It was the least he could do to make up for his mistake.

The figure insepected his face. "You are from Gondor, correct? No wonder you fight so well. To where are you headed?"

"I was going to Bree next. Bit of a replinish stop before I decided where to go, then."

"A coincidence!" the man brightened. "We were headed in that direction too. Forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Biff, and these are my companions, Eodor, Broc, and Foroe." Each one nodded in turn and pulled back their hoods. Foroe even smiled a little, but that did not distract Theyo from the scar across her face. "Care to join us?"

Theyo turned back to Biff. "Of course. Some company would be much appreciated, but only for the meantime. After Bree, I must continue on my own. My aimless journey must be taken on alone for many more days. It's a personal reflection type thing."
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PostSubject: Re: Lord of the Rings RPG   Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:54 pm

Theyo sheathed Glaidrah and the five companions traveled away together to Bree. It was many days travel to Bree, and half way their they encountered an ambush.

Orcs jumped out from behind the trees surrounding them. Instantly, swords were out, arrows were flying, and Theyo was running and dogding attacks, parrying where he could, but never finding the opportunity to strike back.

He found himself seperated from his companions by five orcs, all of them charging in his direction. Theyo brought Glaidrah around to parry the first orc's strikes, then, when he found an opening in it's attacks, swept his sword up through it's arm, cutting it clean off, then drove his sword into the orc's chest, killing him. Another one attacked, nearly catching Theyo's neck on his blade, but Theyo was fast. He ducked and brought his own sword down through the orc's neck, cutting his head off. Theyo killed the next pair of orcs, each with a single slash across the chest, then turned to the last one, who was hanging backwith a bow and arrow ready. The foe realeased the arrow, which would have killed Theyo had he not been moving ahead of time. Theyo sheathed his sword and kept running, dogding the arrows, and hid behind a tree. As he strung his bow, he took a moment to gaze out from behind the tree to see how the others were doing. Foroe and Broc were each cornered by orcs, and the other two were close together, hacking away at the orcs between them and their friends. Theyo finished stringing his bow, readied an arrow, and sent it flying at the orc fighting Foroe, who had disarmed her and was about to kill her. The orc heard the arrow coming, turned his head, and the arrow hit him square in the face, a death blow. Foroe looked for the one who shot the arrow, and saw Theyo arm another arrow. Broc had already killed his own orc, so Theyo shot his next arrow at the last orc who had been attacking him earlier. That fifth and final orc collapsed as the arrow pierced his heart, and died.

Theyo hooked his bow across his back and ran to help Biff, unsheathing Glaidrah. Biff was disarmed and had only a sheild to protect him, and the others were hacking away at their own orcs. They managed to kill them, but Biff was still in trouble. Theyo was the first to reach the orc that was fighting Biff, which had it's back turned to him. He plunged Glaidrah into the orc's back and up through it's chest, then let it fall and it died.

Then the fight was over. No more orcs remained. Biff turned to Theyo. "How many orcs have you killed before today?" he asked.

"None," said Theyo. It was the truth.

"Seriously? Today was your first kill? Not many slay their first orc without a mark to show for it. We all have our own scars from our first orc encounters."

Broc closed in on them. "When we reach Bree, let's buy him a drink to celebrate his first kill. Which one was your first slayed, Theyo?"

Theyo pointed in it's direction. It was the only one here with a severed arm. "I also killed six others."

"Seven orcs, and no scratch," said Biff. "That's ludicrous. Alright. Let's search their pockets and take was supplys we can find. Orcs have never been seen this far up north, and I don't like thinking about what their sudden appearance here could mean. Take what you want or need. Maybe we can find some clues. We should travel quickly now, and use more Lembas Bread. That will help us run throughout the day. We need to get to Bree quickly and warn the villagers of this."

Theyo and the others search the orcs for any useable supplys, and they each ended up with several more arrows than they started with. That was all they wanted out of them.

Foroe approached Theyo as they searched. "Thanks for saving me back their," she said. "I wasn't going to last much longer."

"No problem."
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Lord of the Rings RPG
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