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Warriors, beasts, Kaiju, machines.....from every time period. From every civilization come together. Make aliances. Make rivals, as you fight for survival.
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 Pacific Ocean

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PostSubject: Pacific Ocean   Sun Nov 04, 2007 3:23 pm

Here, you can drive boats and subamarines, and battle each other in combat.
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PostSubject: Re: Pacific Ocean   Wed Jan 02, 2008 7:09 pm

It wasn't long before Xeht spotted the first ship in the distance. He recalled his symbiote, which shrank beneath his back and under his skin, and continued towards it. It was a large sailboat, like a ship from the exploration era. The captain welcomed him aboard, having been kind and open-minded enough to not rush to conclusions about the Predalien. After all, any Predalien who knew how to use a rowboat at least had to be half-sentient. It wasn't every day you saw a creature like Xeht using a boat and oars to pull himself along in the water. The crew was actually having a laugh about it.

"So what brings you out here to these waters?" asked the captian.

"I was stranded on that island in the horizon. I need a way off this planet before Xeno and the others start to worry."

"Well, you've come to the right place! We're headed to a nearby spaceport in Singapore to restock."

Just then, the water a hundred meters out began to bubble up. To everyone's astonishment and horror, a mast, sails, and finally, the rest of the ship, all slime covered, had risen out ahead of them.

"That's the Flying Dutchmen!" called the captain. "Turn Port! Hard Port!"

On the deck of the Flying Dutchmen, Davy Jones himself walked the decks. "You have a deal to pay up, Captain!" he said, although he knew that noone on board the other ship could here him. "Summon the Kraken!" he shouted, and his men, each one looking like a twisted form resemblent of some strange example of marine life, began to turn a large wheel in the center of the deck, which called forth a nightmare of the deep.

On the other ship, the crew watched in even greater horror as many tentacles rose up out of the ocean. It was the Kraken. Immediatly, the tentacles lasked out at the ship, tearing it's mast, pucturing holes in the hull, ruining the deck. The crew pulled out it's swords, slashing at the tentacles, but never cutting deep enough to severe them. They pulled many men off the ship, and Xeht found himself having to save many of the crew. He ducked and dogded falling chinks of wood, tentacles, and several questionable magazines once the Kraken broke into the living quarters. A tentacle finaly managed to grab him, and tryed to lift him up, but Xeht dug his claws into the deck. The Kraken pulled harder, and the part of the deck surrounding his claws came free. The Kraken tossed him in the air, and Xeht stabbed the tentacle to prevent himself from falling to his death. He crawled along the tentacle, trying to work his way back down to the deck, when the tentacle twisted so that the predalien's back was to the deck, and began to speed towards it, with the intention of crushing him. Xeht kicked free of the tentacle, falling the rest of the way, then tryed to get away before the tentacle crushed him. It still got his leg, which sprayed acid blood. Xeht screeched in pain, but so did the Kraken. The tentacle recoiled, and Xeht was free, but with a broken leg.

Suddenly, the Kraken submerged. Xeht, supported by a couple of crew members, looked around. The ship was in worse condition than he had percieved duriing the battle. It was split right across the middle, the stem and stern both tilted upward at a harsh angle so that the everyone had to hold onto something to avoid tumbling into the ocean that was now flowing between the two half's of the ship. The mast was broken, the sails were torn, and several barrels of baradium were caught up into nets. Then they saw Davy Jones and his crew board the ship.

"Do you fear death?" asked Jones. Xeht knew the lecture. His whole speech was recorded on the computers in the ISS. He decided to tune out. He limped over to a barrel of baradium, but Jones's crew tryed to stop him. He stabbed each crew member with is tail and each one, e tossed aside. He reached a barrel, took a pistol from a dead crew member, threw the barrel at Jones, who caught it, limped to the rail, and fired the pistol at the barrel just after all of his friend's crew got clear of the ship. Their was a massive explosion resultiing from the bullet hitting the baradium that destroyed the entire half of the ship, but Xeht managed to jump just in time. He grabbed onto a lank of wood and swam the rest of the way to Singapore with his friends. Davy Jones and his men would be busy regrouping, and the Kraken would be helping them. It was the perfect chance to escape, especially now that Singapore was near.
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Pacific Ocean
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