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 Arena Rules

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PostSubject: Arena Rules   Arena Rules Icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 12:45 pm

Never get a chance to encounter your rival in the RPG?

Duke it out with a member on the forum here as 2 warriors of your choice. You need permission to fight another member from that member and you need a volunteer referee.


Godzillailen vs biolante clone
Referee: Kalebknecht

In each turn you can either dodge an attack and prepare one, or launch an attack. The Attack hits every time unless it's a prepared one. The victim will then have the option of dodging that players special attack or attempt to attack back. You may not write what your player does.


Kiyru fired 7 missiles into GMK Godzilla's mouth. Kiyru then prepared his hyper maser.

Godzilla dodges hyper maser and fires a nuclear ray into Kiyru's chest. Kiyru topples over. Godzilla walks over to finish the job.

Kiyru trips Godzilla with his tail and batters him with missiles.

Bad EX.
Kiyru prepared his drill for an attack and driled into Godzilla's leg rendering him helpless. Godzilla screamed and died.

That is against the rules. You spoke for the opponent's monster.
You may only talk about your monstr when dealing blows or dodging.

Must include Introduction for YOUR OWN monster

Must include arena

Ref let's the match begin

Ref ends it when he thinks a monster has had enough

No one kill weapons such as Absoloute Zero

You may only use weapons your monster has included in stats on Monster Archives or Tohokingdom. If its a custom monster, then your attacks are implemented into it.

I will post a "Looking for matches forum" right now.
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Arena Rules
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