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 Resistance: Retribution

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PostSubject: Resistance: Retribution   Resistance: Retribution Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 7:56 am

If you've been covering the E3 Sony conference, you obviously know that it was gravitated mostly towards the PS3, but it did talk and show a few things about the PSP. The PS3 showed us Resistance 2, making our eyes pop out of their sockets when it showed us a giant alien monster about the size of Godzilla that had the basic body build of Monster X, and boy oh boy was that impressive. We had to fight that thing all on our own with a little pea-shooter machine gun and a rocket launcher, which as you would expect don't do much even when fired at the mouth of the beast! But the real gem of the conference was a huge suprise.

Anyone familiar with the FPS game Resitance knows that the setting in the first game, which is only on the PS3, is in 1951, and there is a massive invasion of aliens called the Chimera going on, who, obviously, seek to take over the world, eliminating our forces and converting humans into aliens. The series is incredibly popular to rival Microsoft's Halo games. Resistance 2 coming out on the PS3 in Spring 2009 continues the story, although there is a gap in the story that will be filled in on our favorite portable.

Resistance: Retribution, which was just revealed at E3 yesterday, will show the Chimera invading the portable system for the first time, and the way everyone talks about it in the new previews, it challenges the common thought that PSP games are weak, and perhaps will be as good as the PS3 games themselves. Taking place between Resistance and Resistance 2, R:R is a Third Person Shooter telling of the continueing battle between humans and the Chimera, and will take place in a sieged and ruined Europe rather than a sieged and ruined US.

I obviously haven't played the first Resitance game myself (I have the money to get a PS3 now, but I'd rather not, what with G:U and The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels), but you can bet I'll be reading more into it to find out what happened in that game. And I'll definetly pick this up off the shelf.

Here's a preview of the game, including a trailer:

This thing even supports multiplayer for up to 8 people! If I ever find anyone in this city who has a PSP, we're going to have a blast!
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Resistance: Retribution
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