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 Scarlet Witch Cameo?

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Scarlet Witch Cameo? Empty
PostSubject: Scarlet Witch Cameo?   Scarlet Witch Cameo? Icon_minitimeWed Jun 18, 2008 4:14 pm

Could it be?

For anyone who has X-men: The Last Stand, look at the scene where Magneto moves the Golden Gate Brigde. You see that red-head in the car with her husband and the two kids? Watch the expression on her face as she sees Magneto. She doesn't get out of her car and run like everybody else does, she just sits there, staring at him like she knows and fears him. Then when Magneto drops the bridge and looks at her, it looks like he recognizes her. He even smiles for a minute.

Scarlet Witch in the X-men comics is Magneto's daughter. They fight together along with the rest of the Brotherhood, but the movies have been known to mix up who's with who. Could this woman be Scarlet Witch?
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Scarlet Witch Cameo?
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