The Ultimate Showdown

Warriors, beasts, Kaiju, machines.....from every time period. From every civilization come together. Make aliances. Make rivals, as you fight for survival.
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PostSubject: Landscape   Landscape Icon_minitimeSat Jun 14, 2008 4:19 pm

The mountanous, volcanic inferno of Mustafar is filled with rivers of lava and volcanoes that never stop erupting. There is little shelter out here. You might find a cave here and there, but they are mostly inhabited by giant, bigger-than-human lava fleas that may kill you if they aren't already tamed.

Landscape 200px-Complex

Landscape 180px-Mustafar_hell

Landscape 180px-Lavariver

This planet was once a lush, green world filled with life before the opposing gravitational forces of two gas-giants tore it apart. During this time of greenery, it was the site of multiple Jedi training academies. Now, it is a highly unstable planet that is barely holding itself together, and the Jedi Acandemies, while a few are still standing, have all been abandoned.
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