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PostSubject: Summons   Summons Icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2008 12:46 pm

If you want to spend some time out of the RPG and the other members, you can fight solo matches against a Summon. Summons are any monster called upon through magic such as the Bahamut Dragon seen in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. You can only fight one at a time. No summon goes down easy, so don't think you can win with a few hits. You can use any character or monster as a summon, that includes Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Godzilla/Toho/Daiei characters, FF, anything from anywhere. To fight a summon, simply:

1. Create a new thread. Tell how you came to fight the summon, an example of which will be in the vids below. Be sure to read the rest of this post first before looking at them!!! Contain your fight to one, long post, and if you get tired of typing before the fight is over, you can come back and edit anytime. Here's how to type the name of the thread, so that others can designated as a Summon match.


Summon: Bahumut Dragon

As said before, keep your fight contained to a single post, and use the Edit button to add to it. If anyone else wants to fight the summon, they can use the same thread, and post their battle at anytime, even if your's isn't finished yet. However, their battle can't involve you, and it must occur at a seperate time and/or place.


Post 1: (Godzillalien. He fights the monster, but hasn't finished the fight yet, so he will come back, edit his post, and finish it.)

Post 2: (Kaiju Master. He starts his own stand-alone fight. In other words, he acts like the monster has never fought Godzillalien, and isn't fighting him now. He has plenty of time and finishes his own fight in one sitting, or he doesn't and comes bck to edit post later.)

Bad Ex:

Post 1: (Godzillalien. He fights the monster, but hasn't finished yet.)

Post 2: (Kaiju Master. He realizes Godzillalien hasn't finished his fight yet, so he joins in to help. This isn't allowed.)

Bad Ex 2:

Post 1: (Godzillalien fights and defeats the monster.)

Post 2: (Kaiju Master enters the thread, sees the monster defeated on the ground, finishes it off. This is a bad example, because it would be pointless. Also, it acknowlegdes that another player has fought the monster. This shouldn't be done. Think of if like most of the Godzilla Millenium Series. Most movies disregard all the previous films exept for 1954. Here, you won't even be acknowloging the original post.)

Here are some examples of Summon fights:
(From Advent Children. The circle you see coming out of Kadaj's arm at the beginning of the clip is the trademark signal that a Summon has just been cast. But remember, you are always alone when fighting a summon. The guys here all team up.)

(From Crisis Core. Warning! Major Spoilers! Note: This player has obviously run through the game at least once before, as he hsa alot of health and is stronger than anyone would be at this point when playing it the first time. I bought the game yesterday and I'm still going through it the first time. It took me a long time and alot of health restoration potions and Limit Breaks to beat this monster.)
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