The Ultimate Showdown

Warriors, beasts, Kaiju, machines.....from every time period. From every civilization come together. Make aliances. Make rivals, as you fight for survival.
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Not really fanfiction, it's just something I decided to try to break away from movie characters and see where my own imagination took me...


The year is 2010 A.D. Things are still the same in almost every aspect of the human race, but a war has broken out between the United States of America and Eeradis, after a failed attempt by the U.S. to releave the enemy country of it's Nucleur Weapons in mid-2008. Fortunatley, Japan, a highly significant ally of the States, has made a break-through in weapons technology and supplyed the US with the means to mass-produce it's own Lazer-Guns. These new weapons are far superior to the old bullet-weapons still used by the enemy country and have turned the tide of the war in favor of the U.S. and Japan. As Japan fights along the south-side of Eeradis, the U.S. tears through the Northern front. The southern half of the country is devesated and conquered, and the nothern half, which holds Eeradis's capital city of Moscarie, is under attack by the United States. The war is drawing to a close as the last battle of the U.S.-E.R. conflict is nealy over...

Chapter 1
Meet Zack

The helicopter flew over Moscarie without too much difficulty, as most of the anti-aircraft guns were destroyed by now. In landed in the city's desolated square, and the doors opened. The troops faned out and opened fire on the Eeradian soldiers in the vacinity. Brilliant flashes of light pierced the heavy dust and couds caused by the detonations of various explosives, allowing the american soldiers to see just fine.
Zack, a U.S. grunt soldier, took off in a hurry to avoid taking orders. He liked to fight at his own leasure, which was why he never go promoted, but he was a valuable soldier all the same, which was why he was never discharged. He was a strong, clean-shaven man with average hight and black, disobiedient hair, though you wouldn't be able to see it. The new armor created side-by-side with these lazer guns covered the entire body in thick metal alloy that was able to deflect any lazer fire, but also had patches of normal cloth wherever their was an articulation point in the human body. It was also very good at stopping bullets.
Zack turned the corner and found the street crowded by Eeradian soldiers. He opened fire without even taking cover, killing everyone in the street, not taking a bullet anywhere. There was one small group of Eeradian soldiers left in the far side of the street. He threw a grenade in their midst and ran towards them even as it detonated. The smoke hadn't quite cleared when he ran thew it, but he knew that he'd have to jump over a small fence that surrounded the cantina ahead, and he cleared it. He smiled at his own recklessness. It was a wonder he was even still alive, even with this new armor and weapons. He killed all the eeradian soldeirs he found in the cantina, most of them trying to enjoy one last drink before they died, and moved on, exiting out the back.
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