The Ultimate Showdown

Warriors, beasts, Kaiju, machines.....from every time period. From every civilization come together. Make aliances. Make rivals, as you fight for survival.
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 Gigan FW vs. Gigan Classic. Oh, and Minya too...

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Gigan FW vs. Gigan Classic.  Oh, and Minya too... Empty
PostSubject: Gigan FW vs. Gigan Classic. Oh, and Minya too...   Gigan FW vs. Gigan Classic.  Oh, and Minya too... Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2008 4:25 pm

City: Paris. The crystals were all thought to have been removed from this city, but knew ones have sprung up. This time they have transformed Paris into a desert, filling the streets with sand and increasing the temperature of the area, draining all water from the area.

FW Gigan was looking to bully some smaller, helpless creature as he flew over the former city of love. He soon spotted Minya, who was trying to claw and bite away at one of the crystals to no avail. FW Gigan flew down to attack the little creature, uppercuting with his right scyth as he flew past. Minya was thrown back by the assault, falling on his back, and bleeding a little on his face. He squeeled, got up, and blew a smoke-ring at his attacker. It hit, but had no effect.

Then Minya had something else to worry about. Gigan Classic landed right in front of him and beat him aside with one of his blunt scyths. Minya squaked and ran. The two gigans soon saw each other, and if they could think like humans, the one word in their heads would be cool! FW Gigan landed a few meters away from Gigan Classic. They each knew they would end up fighting to see who was better. FW Gigan flew in, preparing to strike...
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Gigan FW vs. Gigan Classic. Oh, and Minya too...
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